Luc Vanhecke


From his first day at work, Luc had always been involved in the launch of new/innovative technologies.

He started his career at IBM at the time when every company started integrating internet in its operational strategy. Managing complex internet projects for multi-nationals aroused Luc’s passion for international business, setting the scene for the next 10 years of his career. 

Luc moved from a more supportive role to an international business development role at Proton World International, a spin-off of Belgium-based Banksys (now part of the Worldine group). As new financial technologies saw the light, Luc was called to develop the business. Either managing the international expansion of Belgian technologies (Proton, Vasco/Digipass, Isabel) worldwide or assisting companies getting a foothold in Belgium, The Netherlands of France (Sentenial, AcceptEasy). 

In May 2016, after 20 years in Fintech, a good friend convinced him to get out of his comfort zone and contribute to the growth and deployment of iXpole. At the end of 2016, Luc was so impressed by the product and the potential market that he decided to join the adventure and co-invest in iXpole. Best decision ever. Since then, Luc is looking after all business development aspects of the company; from marketing and communication, over sales to business development.


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