Olivier Toth

President / CEO
European Arenas Association / Rockhal

Olivier Toth has been the Chief Executive at Luxembourg’s Rockhal since its opening in 2005. Under his leadership the Rockhal has become the leading concert venue and one of the main promoters in Luxembourg and has risen in the ranks of European venues.

The Rockhal also houses Rocklab - an incubator and creative hub providing support and promotion services to artists and entrepreneurs in the music sector in Luxembourg.

In 2008, Olivier initiated Sonic Visions, Luxembourg’s annual music lab and festival. He is a founding member and member of the board of music:LX (Luxembourg’s music export office) that was absorbed by Kultur\LX, a founding member of Liveurope - the live music platform for new European talent, and of INES - Innovation Network for European Showcases.

In September 2021, Olivier was elected as President of the European Arenas Association. He was previously on the EAA board and was co-founder of the EU Subgroup which morphed into the Arena Resilience Alliance during the Covid-19 crisis when it became clear that the live event industry needed a unified voice through which to open dialogue with EU governing bodies.



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