Robert Fitzpatrick

Robert Fitzpatrick
The Odyssey Trust

Chief Executive of The Odyssey Trust Company Ltd; Visiting Professor to the Ulster University Business School; & Co-founder of the Arena Resilience Alliance (ARA)

Robert Fitzpatrick was appointed Chief Executive of the Odyssey Trust Company Ltd (OTC) in 2007.  Robert’s early experience in property and development business has given him the insight to grow, manage and develop the Odyssey site in Belfast. It is now not only an entertainment venue but also a learning environment which contributes to the advancement of scientific education for the young people of our society and in particular those from underprivileged areas.

Robert has built up a close relationship with colleagues in Boston and has delivered the Friendship Four Tournament working closely with the University of Ulster. This is all about bringing different cultures together through sport and education with the aim of giving young people the chance to gain work experience.

In response to the pandemic, Robert co-founded the Arena Resilience Alliance (ARA) together with Olivier Toth (CEO Rockhal) and with the support of the European Arenas Association (EAA). Robert and Olivier both recognised the urgent need for arenas to unite and to raise awareness on the current difficulties of live event venues and what impact their closure was having on communities.

ARA is working closely with EU governing bodies to advance awareness of the importance of the physical infrastructure of arenas and their contribution to the wellness of every European citizen.



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