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Qualflow Systems is a leading provider of automated beer-line cleaning equipment, line clean monitoring apps and high-speed beer dispense solutions to brand managers, brewers, stadium operators and the hospitality industry.

Our extensive range of beer-line cleaning equipment is used by major brewers, pub groups, venue and stadium operators throughout Europe. Real-time data monitoring using our Verify-LineClean app allows our customers monitor and check that every beer-line is cleaned to the highest standard. This real-time feedback is essential to standardizing the beer-line cleaning process and is key to excellent beer quality, which in turn drives beer sales, keg yields, and our customer’s profitability. Verify-LineClean is currently helping our customers validate over 10,000 unique beer-line cleaning visits per month.

Our swift tap Velx completes our stadium dispense solution. With metered pour speeds of 500ml in as little as four seconds, Velx improves staff productivity, increases sales and maximises keg yield. When combined with our automatic keg changer and beer saver technology, Velx positions Qualflow as the only provider of a complete dispense solution for the global stadium market.

Our product research and development includes direct customer input and is based on a philosophy of “make the product simple to use, reliable and cost-effective”. In turn, our customers use our products and dispense solutions to improve their operating margins by reducing waste and the cost of operating and maintaining drink dispense systems, as well as improving dispense speed and serve quality.

Clients include Aviva Stadium, The O2 and Wembley Stadium.

For further information, contact Thomas Minter via email at: thomas.minter@qualflow.com or visit: https://qualflow.com/about.html


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