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Forward Associates helps venues and events to consistently deliver memorable fan experiences. The perfect experience is a combination of many things, which is why Forward Associates is a collective of almost 20 full-time specialists, from diverse backgrounds, including architecture, food and drink, interiors, technology, design, ticketing, operations, marketing, branding and venue strategy. This allows us to look at any project from any number of different angles. This ability to see things from different viewpoints is unique and sets us apart from the rest of the of the industry.

The stadium and events industry is fast moving, which is why we don’t wait for trends to emerge, but look at the accepted way of doing things and then find better and new solutions. We balance this creative approach with the analytical - taking a data-driven, almost scientific approach to venues.

This takes in every demographic, every tier and every price point. The result is extraordinary guest experiences that deliver exceptional commercial returns.

Contact: Roy Westwood, CEO


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