Premium hospitality operators are facing a significant workforce shortage and struggle to maintain the premium experience for their guests when implementing automation technologies and self-service systems. Nina Labs is a technology company that provides a premium self-service experience by introducing revolutionary smart pourers mounted on standard-sized Spirit bottles.

The IoT pourers provide the ability to place spirit bottles anywhere in a premium hospitality area, such as VIP suites, lofts, boxes, and lounges. The setup does not require any physical space modifications. Come try it out for yourselves in our specially set up demo suite at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium during ALSD International on Level 4.

Nina Labs' patented IoT technology locks the smart pourers on spirit bottles and measures every drop poured, allowing personalisation of a drink and billing for the amount poured. Venues benefit from logistics and operational efficiency, real-time data dashboards, post-event data insights and a dramatic increase in sales. No more waiting in queues, immediate satisfaction of a need for a premium drink, and your guests will have the most amazing experience.

Visit us in our demo suite #438 on Level 4, East Hospitality.




Oded Efrati, CBDO:


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