Fabulous Fan Fayre (F3)

Fabulous Fan Fayre (F3) is a combination of like-minded culinary and customer service providers who seek to change people’s attitude to food. A melting pot of expertise across commercial aspects including, procurement, menu development, operations and delivery. 

A joint venture between Legends and Absolute Taste ensures expertise in performing on the biggest stages, under the brightest of lights with trusted commitment to authenticity, quality as a world renowned and recognised brands.

Our food, starts in the field and we go right to the source and ensure the quality of each product is looked after throughout the entire process – so by the time we select something from our warehouse, put a good chef around it and cook the product, the delivery is the best it can be.

Our services, are tailored to our clients, their stadium and heritage and what their supporters want. We don’t have a ‘one size fits all’ policy that is dropped into each venue regardless of its history, heritage and ambitions. We specifically design our product following detailed research and development in partnership with the client to make sure it fits into the fabric of the venue but also evolves and progresses each season.

Contact details:

Beth Carpenter

Head of Sales & Marketing


+44 (0)7713195946



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