Forum by Nowy Styl

Forum by Nowy Styl is a brand of NOWY STYL, a European leader in comprehensive furniture solutions for offices and public spaces. Thanks to our unique business model, we offer an excellent interior furnishing service, based on in-depth analysis of our clients' needs, efficiency, work organisation, ergonomics and acoustics.

Our brand’s product range includes auditorium seats designed for concert and lecture halls, cinema and theatre armchairs, stadium seats and telescopic tribunes.

We always adopt a comprehensive approach to the projects we carry out by offering much more than just a product.

Our experienced staff accompanies customers through each stage of project implementation and provides support in space arrangement.

For further information, contact Adam Horodecki, Sales Manager, Forum Seating, via email at: or call +48 797 001 756.

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Forum by Nowy Styl


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